Huawei patent for smartphone camera with variable aperture

Huawei patent for smartphone camera with variable aperture

Huawei patent for smartphone camera with variable aperture The quality of smartphone images has improved a lot in recent years. has been found Today, even the cheapest smartphone models are equipped with multiple cameras and can record photos and videos in different conditions. In this direction, a trend has recently started in which variable aperture technology is used in the camera of some phones. Variable aperture, which was previously considered as a part of professional cameras such as digital SLR and mirrorless, has now entered the field of smartphones, and every year more manufacturers of this technology and similar items to develop their smartphone camera system.

This type of aperture was first introduced by Samsung in 2018 and with the smartphone Galaxy S9 was introduced and after that we saw the application of this technology in Galaxy S10, Note9 and Note10 too. Sony company also with Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III equipped with a variable telephoto lens joined the use of this technology this year. In these two smartphones, the 12-megapixel periscope telephoto camera has a variable focal length of 70 and 105 mm, which provide 2.9 and 4.4 times optical zoom, respectively, in variable apertures of f/2.3 or f/2.8. In addition, the Oppo company has recently introduced mobile lenses with continuous optical zoom in the focal distance of 85 to 200 mm has unveiled. Now it seems that Huawei has also entered the variable aperture industry and has registered a patent that It describes the performance of variable aperture lenses.

Huawei’s new patent, first spotted by Dutch website LetsGoDigital observed, on January 28, 2021 (Bahman 1399) under the title “Aperture, camera module and electronic device” was registered in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and this organization on 19 August 2021 (28 August 1400) published. As you know, the operation of the camera aperture is in such a way that the aperture blades (located on the sensor) open to receive more light, and when enough light is available, the aperture shrinks.

According to the patent Patented, the Huawei variable aperture lens appears to have six blades and the aperture range will also be variable; However, the exact extent of this range is still unclear. For comparison, it is better to know that the aperture number Galaxy S9 in points with It is f/1.5 in low light and f/2.4 in bright spots and has eight blades. In addition, the variable aperture of this phone is designed for only one lens.

It is interesting that the Technizo Concept channel on YouTube also has a collection of abstract images attributed to this He has published the patent in 3D, in which the camera lens and a 3D model of a smartphone are shown. However, the details related to the variable aperture are not visible in this modeling and it cannot be used to understand the way Huawei uses the variable aperture.

Of course, recently there is another patent for a smartphone equipped with a variable aperture for everyone Lenses are introduced in the name of Samsung; So that we will witness the use of this feature not only in wide and ultra wide lenses, but also in the telephoto lens of the camera. Meanwhile, Huawei in its patent about the sensors that will implement variable aperture technology. , has not published any information.

Experts have predicted that if this patent becomes effective, the Chinese company will use this technology in its P and Mate flagship phones.

In the end, as always, it should not be forgotten that this idea is currently a patent and conceptual idea and it is possible that it will never be implemented; Although due to the presence of competitors such as Samsung and Opo In this field, it seems that Huawei will also try its luck and use this technology in its future products.

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