How will the 2018 iPad Pro be different from the 2017 version?

How will the 2018 iPad Pro be different from the 2017 version?

How will the 2018 iPad Pro be different from the 2017 version?

In the past few months, many rumors have been heard about the new iPad Pro models, and it is likely that Apple will present it at its conference on Wednesday, along with the iPhones. In 2018, it will also unveil its new iPad. There are some exciting things about the design of the new iPad. It seems that this tablet is going to be introduced much slimmer and less border than its previous generation and will probably benefit from Face ID and many other new hardware and software features.

The last time Apple unveiled its iPad Pros, we saw two different versions: one with a 10.5-inch screen and the other with a 12.9-inch screen. Although there is not much news about the smaller version, it is expected that something similar will happen this year. The larger version of the 2018 iPad Pro is likely to have a 12.9-inch screen, but it will be a very different size than what we saw in 2017.

According to previous reports, the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9-inch version will be smaller than the 2017 model, while their display is exactly the same size. There is no information about the 10.5 version, but according to the information that is available about the larger version, it can be estimated that the iPad Pro 10.5 of 2018 has dimensions of 227.2 x 173.5 mm.

Another thing that has been said about the new iPad Pros is that the physical Home button has been removed and, of course, the Touch ID feature has also disappeared. Therefore, it is expected that Apple will consider the gestures in the user interface and the Face ID feature similar to the one used in the iPhone 10 for its new iPads. Of course, you may also wonder if Face ID will only work in portrait mode or if the tablet is rotated 90 degrees, it will still be able to recognize faces. In any case, we have to wait at least until Wednesday to discover this issue and get detailed information.

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