Google’s refusal to provide services to Android smartphones in Turkey

Google’s refusal to provide services to Android smartphones in Turkey

Google’s refusal to provide services to Android smartphones in Turkey

News unit : Google has decided to stop providing its mobile services to Turkey. According to the news published by Reuters news agency on Monday, December 16, 2019 (25 December 2018), the issuance of GMS (Google Mobile Services) approval will be stopped for new Android smartphones entering Turkey from now on. In 2018, following a complaint by a Russian search engine called Yandex, Turkey’s Competition Supervisory Board fined Google and ordered the American company to change its policies to create an environment for competition in the search field. slow Now, after about a year, Google has announced that it is not possible for it to continue working with Turkish partners.

In 2017, the largest Russian search engine, Yandex, filed a lawsuit against Google. According to the Russian side, Google had changed its software distribution agreements in such a way that there was no longer an option to change the default search engine. At that time, the Competition Supervisory Board in Turkey, in favor of Yandex, in September 2018 sentenced Google to pay a fine of 93 million liras (equivalent to 17.4 million dollars) for violating competition laws in the sale of mobile software, and this American company obliged to solve the related problems within six months.

Google claims that the desired changes have been implemented, but apparently Google’s efforts could not satisfy the Turkish side, because users still could not choose their default search engine. Therefore, on the 7th of November, the Competition Supervisory Board issued its final ruling regarding this company, while declaring its dissatisfaction with Google’s actions. According to this ruling, Google will have to pay a fine of 0.05% of its revenue per day until it meets the board’s demands. This board set a deadline of 60 days to challenge this ruling.

Now, Google has decided to stop providing mobile services to Turkish customers as a sign of protest. In this way, new Android phones entering Turkey will not be able to access Google Play Store or applications such as Gmail and YouTube. Of course, according to Google, current models (phones that have already been purchased by people or phones that are currently available in stores) are not included in this decision. However, according to some sources, it is possible that Google will also suspend Android updates for Turkish users, in which case it will be a serious problem. It should be noted that the decision made by Google has nothing to do with the trade war between China and the United States.

According to the Haberturk publication, Google has shared the contact details of the Turkish Minister of Commerce and the head of the Competition Supervisory Board with its business partners in Turkey in order to cancel the order issued against the company and asked them to Applying pressure to cancel the recent verdict. Of course, the conflicts between Turkey and Google do not end here. In January 2019, another investigation into Google was launched, alleging that the algorithms used by Google for search and targeted advertising violated competition laws. In this regard, Google was sued by the Turkish Competition Supervisory Board for allegedly abusing its powerful position and making conditions difficult for other companies.

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