Getting to know iPadOS 15 – the new iPad platform with multitasking and improved home screen

Getting to know iPadOS 15 – the new iPad platform with multitasking and improved home screen

Getting to know iPadOS 15 – the new iPad platform with multitasking and improved home screen

News unit A few weeks after the introduction of the new generation iPad Pro – which is considered the most powerful Apple tablet – Apple on Monday, June 7, 2021 (June 17, 1400) during the virtual conference of the company’s developers, at the same time With the unveiling of iOS 15 , from the latest iPadOS 15 operating system for tablets curtain. A higher ability to provide multitasking, a new design of the home screen with integrated widgets, the App Library feature, more consistent note-taking throughout the operating system with Quick Note, a redesign of the Safari browser, and sharing experiences in FaceTime using a feature called SharePlay are among the most important changes in the new tablet operating system. Apple are considered.

Next, We review more details of the new changes in iPadOS 15:

Increased productivity in the shadow of new multitasking features and keyboard shortcuts

In iPadOS 15 we see a new multitasking menu at the top of the applications, which It allows the user to go to Split View or Slide Over mode with just one tap. In this new version, when using Split View, the user can quickly access the home screen and find the second desired application easier to place next to the first application. It is worth mentioning that, thanks to this feature, it will be easier to work with applications that have multiple windows (such as Safari or Pages) and also to quickly preview emails. Even users who use a physical keyboard to increase their productivity can enjoy the above features by using the provided shortcuts.

Organizing and personalizing iPad with widgets and App Library

In the new version of iPadOS, users can place widgets among applications on the home screen. In this way, more information is provided at a glance and a more personalized experience is provided to the user. According to the larger iPad screen, in this new version, the widgets are designed in larger sizes, which are very suitable for showing videos, music, games, photos, etc. New widgets – including widgets for the App Store, Find My, Contacts, Game Center and Mail – have also been added to the operating system. Needless to say, another new feature introduced in

More consistent note-taking with Quick Note and tag support

Tag support has finally been added to the Notes app in iPadOS 15. In this way, organizing and classifying notes in iPadOS 15 has become easier, and thanks to the Tag Browser (Tag Browser) as well as smart folders based on tags, the user can find the desired note faster. In addition, with a new feature called Quick Note, you can easily take notes in any part of the operating system. For example, if you are surfing the web with Safari or searching for a restaurant on Yelp, you can run Quick Note at any moment, write the note you want and by creating a link, whenever you want, you can go exactly to Go back where you were.

More natural calls with FaceTime to Mediator of sharing experiences with SharePlay

According to Apple, with the addition of a feature called SharePlay, video calls with FaceTime will be more natural, because through SharePlay, the user can share his experience with the other party during a video call. share For example, you can simultaneously listen to music (using Apple Music), watch a TV show, or watch an app run together by sharing the screen. The interesting thing is that, for example, when you share a piece of music, even the other party can control playing, stopping or going to the next song. Another point is that by extending the playback to Apple TV, the user can view the shared content on his TV.

Browsing differently with the redesign of Safari

The new design of the tab in Safari has been made in such a way that The user can see more of the desired page while browsing. The new tab bar in Safari has the same color as the web page and by combining the tabs, toolbar and search field in one place, it has a more compact and compact appearance. Tab groups make it easier to save and manage tabs, and this will be especially useful for things like planning a trip, shopping, or saving frequently visited tabs. The interesting thing is that the tab groups have the ability to synchronize with Mac and iPhone, and in this way the user can continue his project from another place. Not to mention, in iPadOS 15, support for web extensions has been added to Safari and these extensions are available in the App Store.

New tools to increase focus

According to Apple in iPadOS 15 powerful tools Provisions have been made in order to increase the concentration and reduce the distraction of users. A new feature that Apple calls Focus can filter notifications based on what the user is doing. By creating a custom focus, the user can adjust his tablet in such a way that the focus on work increases. Of course, depending on the type of work, you can also use preset focuses (such as Focus for working hours or Focus for sleeping). Another useful feature is that you can set your iPad so that you receive an organized set of notifications at the time of your choice (for example, in the morning or early evening). In this way, managing notifications will be easier and more customized.

Artificial intelligence and new features in the field of photos

Thanks to iPad artificial intelligence, a feature called Live Text recognizes the text in the photo and the user can work on it. For example, by having a photo of the front of a store, you can easily access its phone number and call them. Thanks to a new feature that Apple calls Visual Look Up, you can identify objects in a photo, such as finding out the name of a flower or the breed of a dog.

Also, using the Spotlight app, you can search through photos in the Photos app as well as photos on the web. The results obtained, in addition to the mentioned ones, can be among the contacts with text (such as recent conversations), shared photos and their location (of course, if they were shared through Find My). Thanks to Live Text, it’s easier to search for things like a photo of a public transportation map, a receipt, or a screenshot of a recipe using Spotlight. Not to mention, given that the Live Text feature is compatible with handwritten texts, it’s also possible to search through whiteboard photos or notes.

The arrival of the Translate app with new ways of communication

One of the good news for iPad fans is that Apple has brought the Translate application to the iPadOS operating system for the first time in this new version. When using this application, as soon as the person starts speaking, the Auto Translate feature automatically recognizes this problem and even recognizes his language, so users can use a completely natural routine. and continue their conversation without having to tap the microphone button. For more personal conversations, the face-to-face view allows two people to sit in front of each other and see the conversations being translated on their behalf while holding the iPad between them. Another interesting feature of the Translate program is that any text anywhere on the iPad (even in handwritten form) can be translated; Just select that text and tap Translate. The combination of this application with the Live Text function also provides the possibility of translating the text in the photos.

App development using Swift Playgrounds on the iPad itself

The educational application Swift Playgrounds is known as the best and easiest environment to learn programming for Apple platforms. Now in iPadOS 15 and thanks to Swift Playgrounds 4, the user can develop iPad and iPhone applications on the iPad itself and submit it directly to the App Store. While coding in Swift Playground, the user has the ability to see a live preview of the code and can run it in full-screen mode to test their application.

In the following, you will see some other updates and new changes of iPadOS 15 in the form of headlines:

– Universal Control: Thanks to this feature, a mouse and keyboard can be The face connected to an iPad and a Mac computer simultaneously and switched between the two (without requiring any initial setup). Even the user can drag and drop between two devices.

– Shared with You: To find articles, music, TV shows, photos, etc. that have been shared in Messages conversations, you can use Shared with You Helped and easily opened the mentioned items in Photos, Safari, Apple News, Music, Podcasts and Apple TV apps.

– Privacy: Thanks to the Mail Privacy Protection feature, trackers are prevented from accessing email and the App Privacy Report provides the transparency needed for how applications share information with other companies. .

– Siri: the digital assistant of Apple as well It is safer than before. Due to the voice recognition on the device, in iPadOS 15 by default, the voice of Siri requests is completely processed in the iPad itself, which significantly increases its performance.

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