E-Data unveiled the very fast 4th generation PCIe v SSD memory

E-Data unveiled the very fast 4th generation PCIe v SSD memory

E-Data unveiled the very fast 4th generation PCIe v SSD memory

With the availability of the fourth generation of PCI.e technology, SSD storage manufacturers are trying to lead the market by offering products based on this technology. PCI.e 4 support types can provide users with much higher speed thanks to the doubled bandwidth. Recently, various products have been introduced with a reading speed of 5 GB and a writing speed of 4.4 GB. But in the meantime, Edata with the XPG brand, a special sub-brand of eData gaming equipment, is trying to create a revolution in this sector. According to the manufacturer, thanks to PCI.e support, the new XPG Sage memory will reach a reading speed of 7 GB and a writing speed of 6 GB/s (in sequential mode). Output per second (IOPS), respectively, by reaching the number of one million and 800 thousand, will leave an attractive record. XPG Sage memory will be available with a maximum capacity of four terabytes.

In the tests of some experts at the CES 2020 event, the initial version of this memory was successful. reached a record of 5300 MB/s, which according to EData, optimizations will be done until the final release of the product to reach its final capacity.

Despite the speed being lower than the declared rate, the records recorded by XPG Sage in the initial tests are also very attractive. And compared to the current capacity of the fastest SSD memories on the market, these numbers are unprecedented. Although in the initial review of the four PCI.e 4 memory cards introduced in the past months, none of them managed to pass the 5GB write record, it is expected that products with the maximum bandwidth of the fourth generation PCI.e will be available to users in the near future.

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