Disappointing iPhone SE 2022 sales continue due to weak Apple ads

Disappointing iPhone SE 2022 sales continue due to weak Apple ads

Disappointing iPhone SE 2022 sales continue due to weak Apple ads

Several mobile market analysts have recently said that the sales of Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE (Apple iPhone SE 2022) were lower than expected. A new report from research institute Wave7 has made more precise details available through field investigation, confirming the claims of analysts.

As 9to5Mac writes that the Wave7 Institute recently surveyed carrier stores across the United States and found that demand for iPhone SE 3 was inferior to iPhone SE 2 . Apparently, this claim is the result of the statements of 56% of the operators’ representatives who agreed to talk with Wave7. Only eight percent of respondents said that the demand for the new generation iPhone SE is greater than the previous generation.

Wave7 attributes this to Apple’s poor marketing of its new budget phone. It seems that Apple has decided not to do any TV, radio and outdoor advertising for the new iPhone SE generation.

Apple’s official YouTube channel contains only one video focusing on the iPhone SE 3, the same video that was released during the Peak Performance event. Since then, despite the release of new videos about the iPad Air and even the Apple Card, we have not seen any other videos focusing on the iPhone SE 3.

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It discourages users. With a 4.7-inch display, the iPhone SE 3 is the smallest iPhone Apple sells.

Apple has been able to achieve some success in cooperation with operators such as Metro, Boost and Cricket. Wave7 says that despite Apple’s low share of the market for such operators, customers are gradually purchasing devices such as the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11 are preferred to a number of Android phones.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of poor iPhone SE 3 sales. Seasoned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple previously expected 25 to 30 million iPhones. to launch the new generation SE, but market demand is such that he has decided to lower his forecast to 15-20 million units.

Apple iPhone SE 2022 has also entered the USAian market and several stores are now selling this phone at a higher price than expected. You can see the details of the new iPhone price SE in the Zomit products section.

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