Counterpoint’s report on the 5G Android phone market in the third quarter of 2021: Realme’s 831% growth!

Counterpoint’s report on the 5G Android phone market in the third quarter of 2021: Realme’s 831% growth!

Counterpoint’s report on the 5G Android phone market in the third quarter of 2021: Realme’s 831% growth!

New news unit Counterpoint collection has just released a new report on the Android phone market. 5G in the third quarter of 2021 published according to which the total sales of these phones have grown by 121% compared to the previous year and all top brands have experienced positive growth in this field. . At the top of this list in terms of brand growth rate is realme, whose annual growth rate is an extraordinary figure of 831 A percentage has been reached. This impressive growth has brought Realme the sixth position in this list (in terms of sales volume) for the second consecutive season for this brand. Another interesting point to note is the role of Chinese brands in this list, which have taken five titles out of six brands.

after Realme has the highest growth rate compared to other brands BBK collection means Opo and Vivo belong to 165 and 165, respectively. They have experienced 147% growth in sales and the reason for this growth, according to Counterpoint, is dependent on the success of the mid-range to advanced phones of these two brands.

Top brands in terms of annual growth rate of global sales of 5G phones in the third quarter of 2021

Tarun Pathak Pointing out that 5G as a technology has moved much faster than its predecessor, Counterpoint researchers say: “While 5G technology continues to evolve, we are entering the next phase of growth as the portfolio matures and expands. Goods are supported. “Manufacturers are making it more accessible as they continue to release 5G [devices] in different price points and [geographical] regions.” Pathak, among other reasons, relates the growth of this category to the better access of manufacturers to 5G parts, where probably due to the shortage of electronic parts, the 4G market (due to the lower priority of manufacturers) experiences a greater shortage.

This Counterpoint analyst In the meantime, he assigns a higher chance of success to brands with a high-powered 5G product portfolio in the mid-range, and attributes Realme’s superiority over its competitors to a “powerful multi-channel strategy” and a diverse range of 5G phones in different price categories.

Varun Mishra, Counterpoint’s senior analyst, while pointing out that Realme’s highest growth in the period studied in this article is related to China, India and Europe respectively, adds: “Annual sales growth [of phones] Realme’s 5G coverage in India is 9,519%, which is the highest in all regions. This growth is especially significant for a country where the 5G network has not yet been launched. It is followed by China, where [Realme’s] 5G [phone] sales grew by 830 percent year-on-year, making it one of the fastest growing 5G smartphone brands in China.” Europe is in the third place and also the position of this brand in emerging markets also depicts a bright future for Realme. Sky Li, the founder and CEO of the Realme brand, says that it is hard for his subsidiary to provide at least 100 million 5G phones to young people around the world, which is difficult due to the presence of influential adults in this market and the fact that Realme has the largest supply volume in It is not among the first 5 brands of this market, it seems a difficult goal.

Mishra concluded by emphasizing the importance of price and accessibility: “Affordability and accessibility will be critical for all [smartphone] manufacturers to take advantage of the huge 5G opportunity.”


After Realme, Opo and Vivo, Xiaomi The fourth 5G phone manufacturer brand with the highest sales growth is named, which is slightly below Vivo with a growth of 134%. Samsung with 70% growth and Honor with an 11% growth have occupied the next two positions of this list.

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