Counterpoint: Samsung achieved its highest market share in five years in April 2022

Counterpoint: Samsung achieved its highest market share in five years in April 2022

Counterpoint: Samsung achieved its highest market share in five years in April 2022 Smartphone manufacturers are struggling To increase the sales of their devices or at least maintain it. Because this industry has faced serious problems in the field of supplying parts and reducing demand in recent years. But according to The latest report of the Counterpoint Research Institute on the state of the global smartphone market, one of the leading brands in this turbulent era continues to grow. According to this report, the Korean super company Samsung in April this year with an annual growth of 9%, 24% of the global market share, which is the highest monthly market share of this company since April 2017.

The findings of the Counterpoint Institute show that despite an 8% decrease in smartphone sales in the world, sales Samsung has been on the rise, and as such, Samsung is among the handful of smartphone brands that are bucking the downward trend. The market has been successful. This growth has helped Samsung take the top spot in terms of global smartphone sales for the third consecutive month in 2022. In addition, in April this year, the Korean company managed to become the number one seller in the Indian market once again after a long period that began in August 2020.

Tarun Pathak, one of the research directors of Counterpoint, says about Samsung’s performance in April 2022: “Samsung captured nearly a quarter of the global smartphone market in April 2022, reaching its highest monthly share in It was achieved in the last five years. This is mostly due to the strong performance of the [Galaxy] S22 series in the high-end segment and the A series in the mid-range segment.” According to Pathak, Samsung has also been spared from the damage caused by the decline in sales in the Chinese market, which has negatively affected sales of all products made in the country. In addition, Samsung’s special offers in some key markets such as Latin America and the company’s significant growth in India, where it was the number one brand in April, helped expand the company’s market share during the month. “Samsung’s supply chain management has been strong in 2022 and has successfully met [existing] demand,” Pathak concluded.

The share of the top three smartphone manufacturers in the amount of final sales

Varun Mishra, senior analyst at Counterpoint, in his analysis of the state of the global smartphone market, says: “The global smartphone market declined further in April 2022, reaching the lowest level since the start of the pandemic in 2020. [Meanwhile] China had the largest decline as consumer sentiment weakened due to quarantines. Russian sales also declined in April as key manufacturers exited the market and inventory ran out. In Mishra’s view, these factors together have imposed another setback on a market that is still trying to control the difficulties associated with the shortage of primary parts. Meanwhile, Latin America, the United States and India were the only markets that saw growth and recorded positive statistics, but the limited growth in these regions was not enough to offset the overall decline in the world.

According to Samsung is likely to retain the leadership position in the global smartphone market in the second quarter of 2022, Counterpoint experts forecast. The bendable phone sector, which Samsung is currently the undisputed leader in, has a lot of potential for growth, and the Korean super company plans to create a competitive advantage for itself by reducing the price of these products. Also, it seems that the presentation of the company’s foldable smartphones with the names Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Fold4 in the summer season will maintain Samsung’s strong sales trend in the third quarter of this year.

Image attributed to Galaxy Z Fold4 on the right next to Z Fold3 on the left

Of course, the arrival of the iPhone 14 series in September should not be neglected; An issue that can overshadow Samsung’s chance to maintain the first position. Apple typically outperforms its Korean rival in the quarter ending in December, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. This experience should not be repeated this year.

According to Counterpoint, in April, Apple took 15% of the smartphone market share, which, although it is an impressive number, is still far from the statistics of the end of 2021 of this company. And it has recorded the fourth consecutive monthly decline for this company. Of course, this decrease is not very worrying from a point of view, because every year with the increase of the life of new iPhones and approaching the period of new product launches, a limited downward trend is created regarding Apple products. However, the lower-than-expected capability of the iPhone SE (2022) ) to look more carefully at creating a new wave in the market.

After Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi has 12% of the sales market share. has and as a trend that has been established in the smartphone market since September 2021, it has taken the third place; However, there is a slight decrease in the supply levels of the Chinese company’s products compared to last year. In fact, Xiaomi has faced more supply chain problems than its competitors, and if it cannot take effective steps to resolve these difficulties in the coming months, it is unlikely to achieve the figures of 2021 again.

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