Counterpoint announced: MediaTek is the largest chipset supplier in the second quarter of 2021

Counterpoint announced: MediaTek is the largest chipset supplier in the second quarter of 2021

Counterpoint announced: MediaTek is the largest chipset supplier in the second quarter of 2021

News unit last year when was published, it indicates that MediaTek company with holding 43% of The global share of smartphone chipsets in the second quarter of 2021 has again won the title of the top supplier of this part. After Mediatek, Qualcomm is in second place and Apple is in third place worldwide.

According to a recent Counterpoint report, thanks to the rapid growth in the supply of fifth-generation smartphones (which has almost quadrupled compared to the same period last year), during the last quarter we have seen a 31% annual growth in the supply of chips used in smartphones. According to Counterpoint research director Dale Gai, MediaTek achieved its highest share of the global mobile chipset market in the second quarter – 43%. He attributes this achievement to Mediatek’s diverse 5th generation chips in the mid-to-low range and not facing problems related to the supply of parts. Apparently, in the first half of 2021, MediaTek has experienced fewer parts shortages compared to Qualcomm. Needless to say, the supply of 4G chips has not been without influence in consolidating MediaTek’s superior position.

Global supply and market share of top mobile processor manufacturers in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the second quarter of 2020

According to Counterpoint analyst Parv Sharma, if we want to evaluate the market from the point of view of the baseband supply of 5G smartphones, it is Qualcomm that has a 55% share. allocates The reason for this success should be found in Qualcomm’s lead in providing 5G baseband modem chips in the iPhone 12 series and the significant demand for integrated 5G chipsets (from the flagship Snapdragon 8 series chips to the cheaper Snapdragon 4 series chips). Of course, if Qualcomm doesn’t run into obstacles such as parts supply and production problems in the first half of 2021, it could release more chipsets.

The global market share of 5G chipmakers in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the second quarter of 2021

Before MediaTek took the first title from Qualcomm, For years, the American company Qualcomm ruled this market. Of course, Qualcomm chips are still the first choice of many manufacturers (including Samsung and Xiaomi). Also, when it comes to flagship chipsets, it’s Qualcomm that takes the lead. According to some experts, if MediaTek produces an acceptable flagship chipset, it can increase its distance with Qualcomm. It should be noted that MediaTek is mostly known for producing cheap yet powerful chips (such as the Dimensity series). Among the most important customer brands of Dimensity chips are One ​​Plus, Opo and Vivo pointed out.

Whether Qualcomm can return to the first position or MediaTek can maintain its superiority will be determined in time. It is interesting to know that, following Apple, the smartphone manufacturers are gradually inclined to design the processors themselves. Recently, Samsung has announced the imminent release of a flagship processor in collaboration with AMD. Google also announced that The Pixel 6 series phones – which will be introduced soon – are equipped with a proprietary Tensor chip that Google has been working on for years. All these statements mean that Qualcomm and MediaTek may not be able to maintain their monopoly on the chipset market in the future.

Next, we have a look at the performance of other chipset manufacturers in the second quarter of 2021:

Apple: Due to the high demand for iPhone 12 series, Apple with Gaining a 14% share of the global chip market, managed to maintain its third position.

UNISOC: The volume of chipsets supplied by UNISOC in the first half of 2021 increased by more than 2 times compared to the first half of 2020, and this Chinese company succeeded by gaining a share 9 percent, standing in the fourth place in the world. This year, UNISOC was able to expand the range of its fixed customers and encourage brands such as Honor, Realme and Motorola to use its chipsets. The good acceptance of the phones equipped with UNISOC chips by Chinese consumers promises the growing growth of this company.

Samsung: In the midst of reorganizing the strategy of insourcing and outsourcing smartphone production to Chinese design and manufacturing companies, Samsung took only 7% of the global market share of mobile chipsets, settling for fifth place. As a result, MediaTek and Qualcomm’s share of Samsung’s product portfolio (from mid-range 4G and 5G phones to flagships) has been increasing.

HiSilicon: US sanctions against Huawei and its subsidiary companies prevented this Chinese company from producing Kirin chipsets in HiSilicon. The inventory of Kirin chips is running out, and for this reason, Huawei used the latest Qualcomm chips in the P50 series phones, although these chips are limited to 4G communication network.

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