Canalys report on the global mobile market in the third quarter of 2021 – Apple returned to second place

Canalys report on the global mobile market in the third quarter of 2021 – Apple returned to second place

Canalys report on the global mobile market in the third quarter of 2021 – Apple returned to second place

News unit Channelize collection on Friday, October 29, 2021 ( 7 Aban 1400) released its latest report on the amount of smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2021 published; According to this report, a total of 325.5 million smartphones were released in this period, which shows a 6% decrease compared to 348 million during the previous year due to the continuing widespread crisis of chipset shortage. An interesting point to mention in this analysis is the position of Apple, which once again regained its lost position. It has recovered from Xiaomi and returned to the second position of smartphone suppliers. One of the highest growth rates this time belongs to Apple, while the first and third brands have experienced negative growth.

Apple iPhone 13 mini

Kanaliz at the beginning of his report specifically refers to the current situation Apple and its position among other smartphone brands. This time, by introducing the iPhone 13 family, it managed to provide 49.2 million phones have been sold, which shows a growth of 14% compared to 43.1 million last year. At this time last year, Apple only had 12% of the market share, but according to the statistics of this research institute, the share of this brand has reached 15%, thus it has managed to overtake Xiaomi and take the second place in this list. /p>

Le Xuan Chiew from Canalys analysts says: “iPhone 13 is off to a strong start. Pre-orders were high, and unlike last year, Apple was able to use all of its retail stores to drive sales. For [those] customers with two- or three-year-old iPhones, these devices represented a compelling upgrade with better cameras and battery life, and of course 5G. But Apple’s performance goes far beyond the iPhone 13; For example, this [company] is promoting the iPhone with a big discount behind the scenes. 12 retained. With new initiatives in the business-to-business (B2B) channel, it [the company] experienced rapid growth worldwide and continued to gain popularity among network operators.” In the continuation of his speech, while pointing to the limitations that Apple faces in the fourth quarter of 2021 in the field of supply chain, he evaluated these pressures as less than other competitors of this company due to the high operational capacity of Apple. /p>

Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Samsung is in the first place of this table as usual with the supply of 69.4 million phones and gaining 21% of the market share, but this amount compared to last year with the supply of 80.2 million phones and the market share of 23% is a significant drop. 13% has been faced. These conditions have been somewhat repeated for Xiaomi and the release of smartphones by this Chinese company since 47.1 years ago with A drop of 7% has reached 44 million. Xiaomi, of course, is still just behind Apple with a market share of 14%. Two companies Opo and Vivo, with the supply of 36.7 and 34.2 million respectively, occupy the fourth and fifth positions of this list, and each has 11% of the world’s smartphone market. Unlike the other two top Android phones, Oppo and Vivo have not only experienced a drop in sales, but their annual sales have also increased by 18 and 8 percent, respectively.

The main smartphone supplier brands in the third quarter of 2021 (supply in millions)

According to Ben Stanton, Canalys senior analyst, the situation of the Android collection with a 9% drop in supply is not very good, although the conditions of different brands in this field are different. Stanton continues: “Samsung is again struggling to deliver its A-series devices. Xiaomi also saw demand outpace supply, partly due to performance It was strong in the previous season, which led to the emptying of the stock. On the opposite side Opo and Vivo experienced a [successful] comeback in the third quarter after COVID devastated key South Asian markets in the previous quarter. Some other big sellers also saw positive signs; Transsion and realme have increased supply amid global expansion [of their products] and [business market] Lenovo In America, while its key competitor, LG has withdrawn [from this market], It prospered.” According to Stanton, outside of the 10 main brands in this market, smaller companies have generally faced problems and reduced supply during this period.

Estimation of smartphone supply from the first quarter of 2019 to the third quarter of 2021

According to Stanton, Android’s problems continued at the high end of the market where, for example, in the absence of a new Galaxy Note phone, Samsung in the third quarter of this year, more than 3 million folding phones of both types Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 has been released to the market, which despite the interesting statistics, but still according to this analyst, Analyzing will not be enough to fill the void of the Note series, and competitors like Google Pixel 6 Pro and Xiaomi 11T Pro for They try to get a share of it. Optimizing the supply chain, changing the strategy in pricing and persuading the operator’s distribution channels are among the solutions that are emphasized at the end of this report for success in the future.

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