By using recycled parts, Samsung probably reduces the cost of repairs by 50%

By using recycled parts, Samsung probably reduces the cost of repairs by 50%

By using recycled parts, Samsung probably reduces the cost of repairs by 50%

Samsung recently announced a new program called self-repair has started where users can get the parts needed to repair their phones and tablets. According to Phonearena, the company is now apparently considering using recycled parts. It’s for repairs.

The South Korean giant announced last month that it has partnered with repair experts iFixit to make repairs easier. The company sells components such as display assemblies, back glass and charging ports for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Tab The S7 Plus will start working. Thus, consumers interested in repairing their phone or tablet on their own will also have access to repair tools and step-by-step guides.

Samsung also noted that consumers can return their used parts to the company for recycling. Bring it back and a new report from Business Korea shows that the South Korean giant will probably introduce the recycled parts scheme in the first half of 2022.

This scheme could be very beneficial for repairing smartphones, especially for flagship phones; Because before this, the user had to pay a lot of money. For example, a Galaxy S22 screen repair costs about $200, and the phone itself costs $800. Business Korea says that the new recycled parts scheme will apparently reduce costs by 50%, which will also be good for the environment.

  • Samsung will use material obtained from fishing nets in The new generation of its flagships

According to the report, the quality and performance of recycled parts will be as good as new parts. It goes without saying that even Samsung’s best new phone, the Galaxy S22, uses recycled fishing nets; So the South Korean giant certainly knows a thing or two about using recycled components.

On the other hand, Samsung’s latest devices will receive up to four generations of the Android operating system; Therefore, the user does not need to buy a new phone in case of a battery charging problem or a cracked screen.

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