BlackBerry’s unique typing experience returns with Titan Slim

BlackBerry’s unique typing experience returns with Titan Slim

BlackBerry’s unique typing experience returns with Titan Slim

Blackberry fans have gone through ups and downs. The former leader of the smartphone world could not adapt to the changes that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android made in the market; Therefore, it was quickly forgotten. Even changing the operating system of its devices to Android could not stop the decline of this brand. Despite this, thanks to its special keyboard, this brand still has a strong following; Fans who might be on the verge of buying a BlackBerry-like Android phone from Unihertz.

Currently, Unihertz has several smartphones in its lineup; Of course, its attitude towards making its products is a little different from big companies. The company goes for more unique smartphones and likes to take people back in time with its devices. Even now, some of the designs of this company are reminiscent of Blackberry phones; But Unihertz plans to go one step further.

According to androidauthority, Yesterday, this company published a post on Twitter in which it talked about its future product. The photo you see below was shared along with Unihertz’s tweet. With a little precision, it can be recognized that the mentioned device is very similar to the BlackBerry Key 2.

  • The%20company%20is%20preparing%20a%20Kickstarter%20for%20its%20new%20product%20so%20that%20interested%20people%20can%20speed%20up%20its%20production.%20This%20isn’t%20the%20first%20time%20companies%20have%20tried%20to%20revive%20BlackBerry,%20and%20Onward%20Mobility%20was%20the%20latest%20to%20do%20so.%20However,%20if%20Unihertz%20can%20successfully%20integrate%20BlackBerry’s%20unique%20keyboard%20and%20typing%20experience,%20it%20may%20succeed.


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