Apple’s patent for hybrid group selfie – a perfect solution for taking group selfies with social distancing

Apple’s patent for hybrid group selfie – a perfect solution for taking group selfies with social distancing

Apple’s patent for hybrid group selfie – a perfect solution for taking group selfies with social distancing

News unit : United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ) on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 (13 June 2019), awarded 57 new patents to Apple gave up. Among these new patents, we are going to examine an interesting case that is related to the current situation of the world community. The patent – ​​filed in the USPTO under the title Composite Group Selfies – refers to a mechanism in which a user can combine multiple individual selfies to create a group selfie, without the need for people to physically stand together. . In this way, users can take group selfies and share them on social networks, following social distancing protocols.

The proposal of Apple, a user of one of the i-devices (iPhone , iPad, or both), invites others to participate in a group selfie. Each of the people takes a selfie and then these individual selfies are put together by Apple’s predicted software and gives a group selfie. Single selfies can be a simple photo, a saved video photo, or a live video image. Subsequently, the final group selfie can also be a combination of these items.

The interesting point is that based on the proposed plan Apple’s composite group selfie can be saved as a multi-source object and retain individual selfies. In this way, the user who created this composite selfie, or even the recipients of this type of selfie, will be able to change the arrangement of individual selfies in the composite selfie. For example, if you feel that another person in a group selfie is blocking you and preventing you from being seen well, you can easily move him to the background and move your image to a better position (for example, the center or front of the selfie).

Obviously, to create a composite group selfie, the background of individual selfies must be removed, and this usually requires processing. But it is interesting to know that the mechanism proposed by Apple is designed in such a way that this task is distributed among several devices to reduce the amount of processing required. It should be noted that individual selfies can be automatically and intelligently arranged in a group selfie, so there is no need for the user to do this.

It is true that in the current situation when the whole world is involved in the corona epidemic, the idea of ​​a mixed group selfie (without the need for people to be physically present together) seems to be a practical solution, but if you imagine that Apple is unable to do so due to the spread of the virus Corona has taken such an initiative, you are wrong because the application for this patent was submitted by Apple to the USPTO in the third quarter of 2018. The owner of this design is Jean-Francois Albouze. In the end, it should be mentioned that the hybrid group selfie patent is just an idea and there is no guarantee that this plan will be implemented.

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