Apple’s patent application for an augmented reality headset with an eye projector and holographic lenses

Apple’s patent application for an augmented reality headset with an eye projector and holographic lenses

Apple’s patent application for an augmented reality headset with an eye projector and holographic lenses

News unit Virtual reality (VR) glasses from several years It has been present in the market before and various companies from HTC and Oculus to Samsung and Sony along with several other small and large brands, each depending on the needs of its users have offered products in this category. Almost at the same time as this category, the development process of augmented reality (AR) devices also began, which has accelerated in the last one or two years, and now we are talking about important players such as Oculus from Facebook and even Apple has been mentioned. Although the Apple company has not yet released much information about its plan for a colorful presence in this class, the evidence of the extensive activity of this brand is telling.

The American Trademark and Intellectual Property Office (USPTO) accordingly, on Thursday, September 19, 2019 (28 September 2018), requested a new patent from Apple with the simple name of Display Device published in which there is talk about an augmented reality headset equipped with a combiner that delivers holographic images from a light source to the eyes of users, and thus, despite never requesting and Registering a patent does not mean making the final product, but it can be clearly seen from the activity of Apple considered it in the field of augmented reality. According to some sources, Apple has been researching retinal display technologies for years, and some of these activities, according to Gizmodo website in 2017, led to damage to the eyes of the company’s employees as a result of testing prototypes of reflective lasers. has been Among other activities of Apple in this regard, it should be mentioned the purchase of Akonia Holographics, a start-up active in the field of augmented reality glasses lenses in the summer of 2018, which ordered the production of “clear and narrow smart glass lenses with the ability to display quality color images with a wide field of view”. It has its own work. Providing different software solutions including augmented reality application

Apple’s new patent application mentions a projector that, by emitting several small rays of light towards a lens, forms a holographic image that can be viewed from a specific area (which Apple refers to it as an eye box. Unlike the usual examples that are formed on a flat glass plate placed between lenses, the created holographic image has a multiple field of view that provides a different three-dimensional composition, creating a function similar to the human eye. This new design will apparently be a solution to solve one of the most common problems of AR and VR systems; This problem, which is called accommodation-convergence mismatch, occurs when the brain of people perceives displayed objects at a different distance and depth from what the virtual or augmented reality system considers, and Confusion and occasionally nausea will result.

In this patent application, multiple light waveguides, mirrors, holographic lenses and a holographic combiner are used, which ultimately form a 3D image. In addition, in order to create as much depth of field as possible in the formed image, different images are created by 8 projectors present in this system, four projectors are responsible for creating focused images in the center, and the remaining four projectors project peripheral and side images. They draw a picture.

The project depicted in this patent, although it seems theoretically attractive and different from other current virtual reality solutions, but with a closer look at its details (and without considering Concerns related to shining laser light directly into the eyes of users), we can talk about several practical limitations for making microscopic lenses and other extremely delicate components of this project, which do not have a promising prospect for making them, at least in the near future. Therefore, the possibility of starting the augmented reality glasses project of Apple with a similar design. What is mentioned in this patent application does not seem very logical and practical considering the mentioned limitations, and we should probably wait for a simpler project and close to the experiences of other manufacturers from Apple.

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