Apple’s new agreement with developers to change some App Store rules

Apple’s new agreement with developers to change some App Store rules

Apple’s new agreement with developers to change some App Store rules

News unit : Apple on Thursday, August 26 of this year (September 4, 1400) reached an agreement in one of the court cases against itself News that was raised by American developers due to App Store procedures. In the agreement reached between the Cupertino giant and the plaintiffs, Apple also agreed to set up a fund called the Apple Small Developer Assistance Fund to help small developers with $100 million in support, and more communication for developers to interact with alternative payment methods. and consider customers. In fact, after a year of careful review of App Store policies, Apple has agreed to implement key changes in its procedures.

The current agreement between Apple and developers must be signed by the judge of the case before implementation, and its story goes back to 2019 when a group of developers filed a lawsuit against Apple They claimed that the American technology giant is using its monopoly power to impose commissions and impose heavy fees to be on the App Store.

Among these reforms, which are awaiting court approval, the most prominent one is allowing developers to inform customers about payment options outside of the iOS app framework, thereby removing some of the famous commission fee. Escape to “Apple tax”.

Apple has announced in its announcement about this agreement: “In order to give developers more flexibility in reaching their customers, Apple makes it clear that developers can use the information collected from within the application. “Use communication methods such as email to share information related to payment methods outside of iOS apps.” Developers will not need to pay a commission to the Cupertino giant for such transactions; Of course, as long as the users are satisfied with the notification outside the program and the ability to cancel this communication is also considered for them.

Apple has agreed to make this agreement The solution is to provide developers with more business opportunities and not only keep the App Store safe for consumers, but also reduce the accusations related to the company’s monopoly practice. It’s a significant change from Apple’s previous strict stance, but it’s probably not what developers were hoping for. Prior to the approval of this agreement, developers could not coordinate payment methods with users’ private contact information (obtained from within the app) outside of the context of the app provided in the App Store, and thus their in-app transactions were subject to Apple’s 30% fee. Now the new change has at least removed this obstacle; But it is still not possible to notify users in an in-app format.

Of course, Apple made changes in the App Store guidelines that were updated in June of this year regarding the rules regarding the way developers and customers communicate outside of their store apps, but at that time developers were still not allowed. Inform them about alternative payment options using the contact information of users obtained through applications in the App Store.

As mentioned, in addition to allowing access to customers, Apple created It has agreed to a $100 million fund to help small American developers. The fund will pay developers between $250,000 and $30,000, according to court documents. Eligible developers are those who generated less than $1 million in annual revenue from June 4, 2015 to April 26, 2021 for all their published apps. According to Apple, this group comprises 99 percent of app developers in the United States, with companies such as Netflix and Epic Games among the remaining 1 percent.

App Store Small Business program, which allows businesses with less than $1 million in annual revenue to pay 15 percent less commission fees, will be active for the next three years.

Finally Apple released the annual App Store transparency report as One of the clauses of the agreement has been accepted. According to Apple, this report includes things like “providing meaningful statistics about app reviews, including the number of apps rejected for various reasons, the number of disabled user accounts related to customers and developers, the number of apps removed from the App Store,” and things like that. . It is not yet clear when Apple’s first report will be published in this field, but the company has committed to publish transparency reports for at least 3 years. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, said: “We want to thank the developers who worked together to support the goals of the App Store, the interests of all users, and to reach this agreement. Let’s give thanks in this way.”

Steve Berman, a lawyer and representative of iOS developers, also said in this regard: “We are really proud that the case that was first brought by two developers, is for the benefit of tens of thousands of iOS developers in the United States. and can help to make important changes”.

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