Apple’s financial report from the quarter ending June 2021 – nearly 50% growth in iPhone revenue

Apple’s financial report from the quarter ending June 2021 – nearly 50% growth in iPhone revenue

Apple’s financial report from the quarter ending June 2021 – nearly 50% growth in iPhone revenue

News unit : Company Apple on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 (August 5, 1400) released its financial report for the third quarter of the company’s fiscal year ending June 26 (according to with the second quarter of 2021) published; According to this report, Apple’s revenue has reached a record-breaking $81.4 billion during this period, which compared to only $59.7 billion at the same time last year, with an extraordinary growth of 36% and exceeding Wall Street’s forecast of 23% growth. Is. Despite this, Apple’s shares fell slightly in after-hours trading due to the company’s concern about the widespread issue of chip shortages and its possible impact on the next quarter’s results.

net profit Apple reported 21.7 billion dollars with a diluted profit of 1.30 dollars per share, compared to a profit of 11.25 billion dollars and a diluted profit of 0.65 dollars in the previous year. They show big differences. The gross profit margin this time was also announced as 43.3%, which once again indicates ideal conditions compared to 38.0% last year. In relation to the financial results of this round, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, while emphasizing the double importance of technology to communicate between people in this period, spoke about his group’s efforts to share new and powerful products and added: “We are strong We continue to move forward in our work to infuse everything we create with the values ​​that define us; [which] will be done by inspiring a new generation of developers to learn to code, to get closer to our 2030 environmental goal and engage in the essential work of building a more just future.]

Time Cook CEO of Apple

Luca Maestri, Apple’s financial director, also considered the record-breaking performance of the June season to include new revenue records in each of the company’s geographic regions, double-digit growth in each of the product categories, and achieving a new peak in the number of active users. He added: “We generated $21 billion in operating cash flow, returned nearly $29 billion to shareholders during the quarter, and made significant investments across our business to support our long-term growth goals.”

In the following, we will examine the amount of income and profit of different divisions of Apple company in the quarter ending June 26, 2021.

iPhone: breaking spring records in Nah 5G

Company Apple in the period of three months ending June 26, 2021 to It has earned an income of 39.570 billion dollars from the sale of its iPhones, which has experienced a growth of nearly 50% (exactly 49.78%) compared to the figure of 26.418 billion dollars at the same time last year. And more than 48.5% of Apple’s total revenue is provided in this way. The remarkable success of Apple’s iPhone segment should once again be related to the continued popularity of 5G phones, which will probably continue after the introduction of the next generation of iPhones of this company.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

iPad: the best performance The third quarter

Thanks to the special conditions related to the Corona pandemic and the continuation of the process of working and studying from home, Apple iPads continued to grow and in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021, they achieved an income of 7.368 billion dollars. This represents an 11.9% increase over last year’s revenue of $6.582 billion, and Apple is citing it as the iPad’s best performance in the quarter ending in June. An interesting point to note about iPad statistics belongs to the general reception of new products in this category; According to Tim Cook, half of iPad sales are related to these new products.

Apple iPad Pro 2021

Mac computers: The M1 star continues to shine

Despite the fact that according to the statistics of previous years, Mac computers Usually, in the second and third quarters of the financial year, Apple experiences stable and slightly upward conditions. This time, we are faced with completely positive conditions, and the income of 8.235 billion dollars in this category shows an increase of 16.3% compared to the income of 7.079 billion dollars in the previous year. and this quarter for Mac is also considered the best quarter of June. Continuing the process of working from home and welcoming computers with M1 processor are two factors that Apple mentions as influential factors in this success. Like iPads, half of the Mac computers sold in this time frame were new Apple devices.

Apple iMac 24

Wearables, Home and Accessories: On the Wings of the Apple Watch

Wearables , home and accessories Apple which includes various products from this company and one of the most important of them is the Apple Watch In the third quarter of fiscal year 2021, it has achieved a revenue of 8.775 billion dollars, which is the most profitable subset of Apple after iPhones and services. The amount of income growth in this collection has been double-digit again and compared to last year, it has experienced a growth of 36%! An important part of this success belongs to the sales of the Apple Watch, which has maintained its popularity in many of Apple’s main target markets; According to Apple, most of the watches sold in this period were new products, so that 75% of the global sales and 85% of the total sales in the Chinese market belonged to the new Apple Watches.

Apple Watch Series 6

Services and services: the second largest source of income for Apple

The services and services department of Apple company, which includes sub-categories such as App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV +, iCloud, Apple Pay, Apple Care and Apple Card, along with Apple service Including One, it is still the company’s second source of revenue after iPhone, and its share of total revenue this time reaches 21.4%. In the third quarter of 2021, Apple’s service department achieved an income equal to 17.486 million dollars, which compared to the income of 13.156 billion dollars in the previous year, which has increased by nearly 33%. According to Apple, in this period of time, the number of subscribers and non-free users of the service has reached a new peak in all geographical regions, and according to Tim Cook, he has set a new record in the Chinese market.

Apple, as usual, refused to provide a forecast for the next quarter (ending September 2021), but due to the approaching time of the unveiling of the next generation iPhones of this company, we will probably face a slower process in generating income for this subset, and concerns about the widespread issue of chip shortage will probably fuel this process.

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