Apple will probably release the most expensive iPhones ever this year

Apple will probably release the most expensive iPhones ever this year

Apple will probably release the most expensive iPhones ever this year

Apple is expected to bring significant changes to the iPhone series this year. According to what we have heard from the whistleblowers, the high-end iPhones of 2022 are supposed to have a 48-megapixel main camera and a notch-less design and be made in new dimensions. These changes will not be without cost; Because, as a new rumor says, Apple will increase the price of the iPhone 14 series this year (Apple iPhone 14).

In the last few years, the price of iPhone series phones has remained basically the same. Apple typically sells the weakest model (excluding the SE model) at $699, and the base price at $999. Considers a dollar for the Pro model. Also, the Pro Max model carries a price tag of $1,099.

Since the release of iPhone 11 The pricing of the iPhone was the same and we expected it in this direction, even though we heard rumors about the wide changes in the price of this family of Apple phones. Such an event should be repeated for the iPhone 14 series. Done as expected. According to Macworld According to LeaksApplePro, Apple has decided to increase the base price of most models of the iPhone 14 series. By removing the Mini model from the iPhone family, Apple will replace the Max model this year.

Thus, the cheapest model, the regular iPhone 14, will cost $799. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 14 Max with a base price of $899, iPhone 14 Pro for $1,099 and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be launched at a price of $1,199. Obviously, other configurations of these phones with more storage memory will have a higher price.

LeaksApplePro says that the increase in the price of the iPhone 14 is due to the increase in production costs and the need for a significant price gap between the Max model and the Pro model. will be done. Apple has always launched the normal model and the iPhone Pro model with a price difference of at least $200.

  • Goodbye to notch; iPhone 14 Pro was depicted in eye-catching renderings
  • The leaked schematic image of the iPhone 14 shows the actual dimensions of the notch above the screen of this phone

If the new rumor turns out to be true For the first time since the release of iPhone X, we will see no iPhone with a base price of $999. Also, if the previous rumors about the 2TB configuration of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are true, it is likely that this phone will cost up to $1,999 in its most powerful configuration.

Rumors say that Apple plans to change its approach in the production of the iPhone 14 Pro compared to the iPhones of the last few years. It is expected that the two iPhone 14 Pro series phones will go to the two holes at the top of the screen for the first time in the history of the iPhone and say goodbye to the notch.

Another important difference between the Pro models and normal models is the possible benefit of the Pro models from the chip It will be stronger. In addition, we expect the 48 megapixel camera to appear only in Pro models. How the market will react to Apple’s decision is a question that requires time to be answered.

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