Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs and the first generation iPhone with “Clownfish” in iOS 16

Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs and the first generation iPhone with “Clownfish” in iOS 16

Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs and the first generation iPhone with “Clownfish” in iOS 16

After 15 years since the release of the first generation of the iPhone family, the clownfish wallpaper that was first shown at the 2007 Apple event is finally going to make its way to the company’s phones. As The Verge He writes, a number of Apple developers who have installed the trial version of iOS 16 are surprised to see this wallpaper.

A user on Twitter named Jack Roberts posted a post based on the clownfish wallpaper. has done. A screenshot posted by Roberts shows the clownfish wallpaper in the Collections section of the third iOS 16 developer beta.

The iconic image of two clownfish, one apparently adult and the other immature, was the first image shown during the 2007 iPhone unveiling event. In that event Steve Jobs introduced the first generation iPhone.

Despite the charm that the image of the clownfish gave to the iPhone, Apple decided to never officially put this wallpaper on the iPhone. A high-quality version of this image was later released for Mac.

The clownfish iPhone wallpaper has an interesting animation

It is currently unknown whether the clownfish wallpaper will be in the public beta version of iOS 16 And the final version of this operating system will also be present or not. It seems that not all iOS 16 developer users have access to this wallpaper either, and only a limited number of developers have seen the clownfish wallpaper in the settings menu.

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iOS 16 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which was launched during the WWDC event Was introduced. In the new version of iOS, for the first time, it is possible to personalize the iPhone lock screen. The new version of iOS has interesting background images and applies a series of changes to the iMessage service.

Rumors say that iOS 16 could make it easier to transfer an electronic SIM card to a new phone and have the ability to support the Nintendo Switch console controller. The ability to use Face ID in landscape mode will be another feature of the new version of iOS. This operating system is available for iPhone 8 and later models to provide software support for iPhone 7 officially ends; The topic that has attracted criticism from users.

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