Apple is probably looking to make cases and accessories that can change the iPhone’s user interface

Apple is probably looking to make cases and accessories that can change the iPhone’s user interface

Apple is probably looking to make cases and accessories that can change the iPhone’s user interface

United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent application from Apple released which refers to electronic devices and accessories (cases and docks). This invention will use near-field wireless communication systems to change the performance of electronic devices. iPhone . In that case, it’s possible that the iPhone will replace its original GUI with a sports-focused one without receiving additional input from the user, or, for example, when the phone is placed on a speaker stand, possibly its original GUI with a set of playback controls. The sound will be replaced.

Furthermore, the protective case of the iPhone may be configured in such a way that it will change the mode of operation of the device; While the charging bases will also set the phone’s performance to another mode. Therefore, it is possible for iPhone GUIs to be customized for a specific function or set of functions associated with that accessory when using an accessory.

By Patentlyapple, these GUIs are sometimes likely to be simpler than the original GUI, which helps facilitate efficient use of the device and may be optimized for a specific operating mode. Apple’s patent (Figure 1A) shows an exemplary system including an electronic device and associated peripherals. Figure 1B also shows the shape of the device in Figure 1A along with a sample of related accessories.

Apple’s patent (image 4) shows the car dock. When the iPhone is placed on this dock, the normal user interface will change to CarPlay and Maps.

Apple’s patent (Figure 5) shows two new frames: one that transforms the iPhone’s user interface into a user interface focused on camera functionality, and another designed for gaming, which It has several buttons for better gaming.

Apple’s patent (Image 6) also shows an iPhone case related to home automation, which changes the traditional iPhone user interface to one of which is dedicated to household appliances including TV controls. Figure 8 also provides a custom frame chart and connection system.

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Apple notes that helpful GUIs may be created by allowing the user to select from a group of graphical icons. For example, Figure 6 is an example of a group of graphic icons including voice control (No. 600), home automation (No. 602), recipe (No. 604), timer (No. 606), calendar (No. 608), channel guide (No. 610). , shows the clock (No. 612), weather (No. 614) and news feed (No. 616).

In order to create an auxiliary graphical user interface, the user will probably select the graphical symbols he wants and place them in It will place specific locations on the device display. Graphical symbols may require input or output, or both.

It is worth noting that the user may be able to define multiple auxiliary graphical interfaces, each containing a different combination of symbols. For example, an auxiliary GUI might include an icon for a volume control. By providing this level of flexibility, users can create highly customized and relevant assistive user interfaces for use with various docks and accessories.

For more information, you can check out Apple’s patent application number 202201050347 do. Due to the fact that this description is related to the patent application, the time of the final product release is not yet known.

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