Apple is probably creating a dedicated product line for making periscope cameras

Apple is probably creating a dedicated product line for making periscope cameras

Apple is probably creating a dedicated product line for making periscope cameras

It has been a long time since we first saw a camera with a periscopic mechanism in smartphones, and phone iPhones have not been equipped with such a camera so far. A number of users do not hope to see a periscope camera in the iPhone, but it seems that we may finally see this camera added to Apple iPhones.

According to the report 9to5Mac, Jahwa Electronics recently announced that it will invest 191 billion won ($155 million) in its factories. to make new electronic components. Jahwa is one of the suppliers of optical image stabilization system (OIS) actuators and is currently responsible for providing these actuators for Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones. is in charge.

Early last year, Apple visited Jahwa Electronics’ OIS module manufacturing plant in South Korea. The $155 million investment is said to likely mean that Jahwa Electronics has added Apple to its customer list. Rumors say that the supply of the OIS system actuator for Apple phones will start from next year.

Jahwa Electronics’ new factories will probably only serve Apple, as Apple typically requires its suppliers to build exclusive production lines for the company. The new OIS actuators are expected to be used in the iPhone’s telephoto camera. Meanwhile, Jahwa Electronics will continue to cooperate with Samsung through its factories in Vietnam and the city of Cheongju, South Korea.

  • iPhone 15 Pro probably periscope camera It will have 10 times optical zoom
  • Contrary to initial predictions, the iPhone 14 Pro will not have a periscopic lens with 5x zoom

TheElec media said last year These parts lead to the production of a periscopic camera using “multilayer zoom” technology. That report stated that the multi-layered zoom system would include a prism to bend light before reaching the image sensor, and a periscope-like telephoto camera would be in the works. Thanks to this technology, the protrusion of the iPhone’s camera will not be too much.

/a> were published. Finally, the iPhone 13 did not come with a periscope camera, and this camera probably won’t appear in the iPhone 14 either. Mingchi Kuo, a well-known and experienced analyst, said that Apple will use the periscope camera in the iPhone 15 in 2023.

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