Apple is likely working on four new SoCs for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple is likely working on four new SoCs for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple is likely working on four new SoCs for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

User Account Longhorm  on Twitter one He is one of the well-known whistleblowers in the hardware industry, who has a rather brilliant record in the field of revealing detailed information. According to a report by Toms Hardware News, this whistleblower recently released a list of system-on- It has revealed Apple’s new chips (SoC) that have not yet been announced.

If the leaks are accurate, Apple is currently working on at least four systems-on-chips for various devices coming in the future. Since the information was obtained from an unofficial source and it is not possible to verify their authenticity, until Apple reacts officially, everything we say in the following is just a rumor.

According to According to Longhorm, Apple is working on two new families of its own processors, which include the T600x and T811x series. According to unconfirmed reports, T600x series processors include two models, T6000 and T6001; While the T811x family includes T8110 and T8112 chips. The main source of the news does not mention the purpose of the aforementioned processors and in which devices they are used.

Keep in mind that Apple’s special phone and tablet chips in recent years have had a four-digit internal model number of the 8000 series, which apparently only Apple employees used these model numbers. Until this time, the model numbers of the mentioned chips were four-digit 7000 series. This could indirectly indicate the T8110 and 8112 chips for the next generation iPhones and iPads and maybe even Mac minicomputers are in development.

Since nothing about Apple’s T6000 series chips We don’t know, we assume that these chips will be used in more advanced devices of the Cupertino company, such as iMac and MacBook Pro. There is a possibility of using these chips in the Mac Pro Mini, which we have been hearing rumors about for some time.

CPU and is used in iMac and MacBook Pro; Therefore, maybe the T6000 is really in development for this series of Apple products.

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The noteworthy point is that Apple has different model numbers in its new family of dedicated chips for future products. uses that at first glance may not be a special event; But the same issue can show that there are noticeable differences between T600x series processors and T811x series processors. It is even possible that these two series of Apple processors will use different micro-architectures or use the same micro-architecture differently. Maybe even some of these processors are equipped with different capabilities that cannot be found in other processors. For example, Apple some time ago patent for hybrid memory subsystem registered that it brings interesting advantages and may only be used in some chips.

Reports say that Longhorn user account in September 2019 (September 2019) before any other source the internal model number of A14 chips and M1 (T8101 and T8103, respectively) was publicly revealed, and some time later, other sources also confirmed these model numbers.

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