Apple is considering the idea of ​​producing a 20-inch foldable MacBook

Apple is considering the idea of ​​producing a 20-inch foldable MacBook

Apple is considering the idea of ​​producing a 20-inch foldable MacBook

Display Supply Chain Consultants DSCC has recently released a detailed report detailing the growth of foldable phone sales from companies such as Samsung, and in part, Apple’s efforts to produce A foldable iPhone has been hinted at.

According to what 9to5Mac writes DSCC analystRoss Young, says Apple may delay the release of a foldable iPhone until 2025 while exploring the idea of ​​a foldable laptop .

to have Yang says Apple doesn’t seem to be in any rush to enter the foldable market, and it could take even longer to produce a foldable iPhone. According to a new report, Apple is in talks with suppliers, and while this potential product isn’t coming any time soon, the Cupertino company is currently considering some sort of 20-inch foldable device.

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Apple’s foldable notebook looks like a normal laptop when folded in half with a full-size keyboard And in the opened state, it offers the functions of a 20-inch monitor. This monitor will likely offer 4K UHD resolution or even higher. Apple’s foldable laptop is expected to launch after 2025 (probably 2026 or 2027). Ross Young says that although we are a few years away from Apple’s foldable laptop, the production of such a product by Apple is good news for the foldable industry.

Big Android companies have entered the market of foldable devices with all their might and over time they will increase the sales of their products, but Apple has decided not to enter this market for now. Samsung now offers users a few different types of foldables, but Apple is pushing the foldable device project in secret. Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said that Apple’s first-generation foldable iPhone will sell 20 million units whenever it is released.

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