Apple is aware that some of the iPad Pros sold are bent

Apple is aware that some of the iPad Pros sold are bent

Apple is aware that some of the iPad Pros sold are bent

Apple’s 2018 iPad Pros are now in the hands of users and some of them are bent, which makes everyone think that Apple’s new product is defective, but it’s not. It’s not!

We live in a world where nothing strange happens, so Apple can calmly announce that this Bending is not considered a defect in iPad Pro. The Cupertinos have said that this is a side effect of the tablet manufacturing process, will not worsen over time, and will not affect the performance of the company’s high-end tablet. The Verge website said that the bend appeared in the antenna line. However, for now, the device’s strange curvature has only appeared on the Wi-Fi-enabled version of the iPad Pro tablet. Apple, of course, has announced that people who experience such a problem can return their device within 14 days after purchase, however, they have not seen a higher return rate compared to before.

You probably remember that last month JerryRigE verything reviewed Apple’s iPad Pro 2018, and it bent with almost no pressure in the endurance test. At the same time, there were reports that some users received their new iPad Pro bent in the box. Both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 models are 5.8 mm thick. Compared to the 7.1mm thickness of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 and the 8.4mm of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6, that’s really thin. But since Apple always pays special attention to the beauty of its products, it has decided to preserve their beauty even at the cost of bending its tablets. If you are not Nelson, we invite you to watch the following video:

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