Apparently, BOE is still on the list of iPhone 14 display suppliers

Apparently, BOE is still on the list of iPhone 14 display suppliers

Apparently, BOE is still on the list of iPhone 14 display suppliers

At the end of May 1401, it was announced that Apple still added BOE to the list of display suppliers for the iPhone 14 has not added. BOE, one of the relatively emerging players in the display industry, has been working closely with Apple in recent years, supplying the display for the iPhone 13

Winter last year, Apple realized that BOE had arbitrarily changed the circuit width of the thin film transistors of the iPhone 13 OLED display with the aim of achieving higher efficiency. After this incident, it was said that Apple has decided to remove BOE from the list of iPhone 13 display suppliers and hand over the task of manufacturing the displays that BOE was supposed to produce for iPhone 14 to Samsung and LG.

Whistleblowers say that at least until the last day of May this year, Apple has not registered an order in BOE factories. It is said that BOE has sent representatives to Apple’s headquarters some time ago to explain the reason for changing the circuit of thin film transistors and to request the issuance of a license for the production of the iPhone 14 panel.

  • Apple likely to remove BOE from iPhone 14 OLED panel supplier list
  • BOE company due to arbitrary changes in the supply chain The iPhone 13 panel was removed

Exploitation with the username Majin Bu on Twitter says that contrary to expectations, the name BOE is still visible among suppliers. More specifically, this whistleblower says that the iPhone 14 screen is supplied by Samsung, LG, and BOE. According to him, Samsung will exclusively provide the display of Max and Pro models, and LG will also provide the display of the Pro Max model together with Samsung.

BOE tried hard to sign a business deal with Apple. Apple rejected BOE displays many times in its quality tests until finally the quality of these displays reached a satisfactory level.

According to reports, BOE displays for the iPhone 12 Pro Max have struggled with problems at times. BOE originally produced displays for iPhones that needed repair; But it gradually entered the supply chain of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

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