An interesting tablet from the last century; Get to know reMarkable

An interesting tablet from the last century; Get to know reMarkable

An interesting tablet from the last century; Get to know reMarkable

Today’s digital world is full of devices that try to encourage users to buy these products by placing all possible features in the smallest space. Of course, the story does not end here because every year we witness the advancement of technology and as a result, with the change and improvement of hardware parts, new devices are launched on the market and the process of encouraging people to buy new products continues. Perhaps this is the reason that after a period of time when gadgets such as smart phones and tablets dominated the market, now the momentum of their sales has started a downward trend, and people seem to stop buying products that are updated every few months. They are tired.

In the meantime, a small company with a different idea has come into action to revive the memories of the past. The reMarkable tablet from the brand of the same name is a device that may be from the last century’s technical point of view and has nothing to say compared to the giants of the market, but it has an idea that can satisfy the nostalgic feelings of any person. to provoke remarkable It weighs only 370 grams and its screen size is 10.3 inches. But unlike advanced technologies such as Super AMOLED and IPS, this display is made in monochrome (single color) and with digital ink (e-ink) technology and has 226 pixels per inch. The manufacturer has provided 100,000 pages of notes for its internal memory, which translates to 8 GB in today’s language. A battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh is also used, which can last even several weeks.

But those things are not what reMarkable wants to promote itself with. In this device, WiFi is only used to send texts to the cloud and there is no web browsing. Also, the special pen of the tablet and the screen protector are made using materials that have a roughness comparable to paper and pens, and by using them, it looks like you are writing on paper pages. No additional programs are supposed to be installed on this tablet, and there is no news of flashy operating systems. reMarkable pursues only one goal, and that is to remove users from the stressful environment of digital devices in today’s world. Have a tablet in your hand that is always with you without worrying about running out of battery, and with 100,000 pages, you will never have to worry about running out of paper. reMarkable will leave you alone with your ideas.

Comparing reMarkable to a device like the iPad might be like comparing a simple calculator to NASA’s supercomputers, but if you too feel like too much technology When it enters your life, you will need a silent and classic device like that.

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