AMD B550 motherboard chip specifications have been revealed

AMD B550 motherboard chip specifications have been revealed

AMD B550 motherboard chip specifications have been revealed

Hong Kong media outlet HKEPC revealed the specifications of the AMD B550 chip while reviewing ASRock’s X570 Creator motherboard.

Although X570 motherboards have many positive features, PC builders are waiting for more affordable options. This is where the B550 chip comes into play. This chip has some limitations compared to the X570, but ultimately makes it possible to build a cheaper board for users of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series processors on a lower budget.

chip Consumption class

Number of ports

USB 3.2 second generation

X570 professional 8 4 4 + 8 x4 generation 4 8 + 8 (generation 4) 0, 1, 10 has has
X470 / X370 Professional 2 6 6 x4 generation 3 8 (generation 2) 0, 1, 10

Has Has
B550* General Consumer 2 6 4 + 4 x4 generation 3 8 (generation 2) + 4 ( Generation 3) 0, 1, 10 has has
B450 / B350 general consumers 2 6 4 x4 generation 3 6 (generation 2) 0, 1, 10

has Yes

* Specs not confirmed

B550 chip is also apparently like the previous series chips AMD 300 is equipped with two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (10 Gb/s) and six USB 2.0 ports. Unfortunately, HKEPC has not determined the number of USB 3.1 ports of the first generation of this chip. In terms of storage, the B550 chip can support 8 SATA III ports, which is only 4 ports less than the high-end X570 chip. With this account, the B550 chip offers more storage capacity than the flagship of the last generation, the X470 chip, which only had six SATA III ports. As expected the B550 chip supports RAID zero, one and ten . This chip also supports two graphics cards simultaneously and overclocking.

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The X570 chip has four high-speed communication paths PCIe generation 4 is used. On the other hand, the B550 chip apparently keeps the specifications of AMD’s old chips and uses only 4 PCIe Gen 3 lanes. But the B550 chip has also seen some interesting improvements. As we know, X570 supports up to 16 PCIe Gen 4 multipurpose lanes. B550 uses four PCIe Gen 3 lanes and eight PCIe Gen 2 lanes. Meanwhile, the X470 and X370 chips only have 8 PCIe Gen 2 multipurpose lanes, and the B450 and B350 chips are equipped with 6 PCIe Gen 2 lanes. Therefore, the communication bandwidth of the B550 chip is improved compared to the previous generation AMD chips. According to information from the German vendor, Alternate, ready-made desktops using AMD B550 motherboards will probably arrive in a month. are marketed. But a report from DigiTimes claims that motherboard manufacturers will receive orders for the B550 chip in the final quarter of this year. According to this claim, motherboards based on AMD B550, contrary to information from Alternate, will not enter the market anytime soon.

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