According to Apple, the iPhone SE 2022 battery is better than its previous generation

According to Apple, the iPhone SE 2022 battery is better than its previous generation

According to Apple, the iPhone SE 2022 battery is better than its previous generation

Apple unveiled the third generation iPhone SE during a ceremony last night. It has seen improvements such as supporting 5G with waves lower than 6 GHz and benefiting from a powerful A15 bionic chip; But Apple claims that the SE 3 with its traditional body has a longer battery life than the iPhone SE 2020. The reason for this could be the larger battery in terms of capacity, which was apparently confirmed by the Cupertinos during a group meeting with reporters.

Apple, as always, shared detailed specifications and details of its mid-range 2022. and we don’t know the exact capacity of the battery, to understand this we have to wait for the autopsy of the new SA in the coming days; But Apple’s explanations on the iPhone SE 3 specification page, compared to the previous generation, tell us about good improvements.

Apple for the third generation iPhone SE, up to 15 hours of video playback, up to 10 hours of video streaming and up to It promises 50 hours of music playback; While the iPhone SE 2020 had the ability to play video for up to 13 hours, stream video for up to 8 hours, and play music for up to 40 hours. iPhone 13 is clearly touched; So it is not surprising that this company wants to repeat this decision on the new SE; Of course, if you are thinking about longer battery life, it makes more sense to buy a member of the iPhone 13 family. It has iPhone 13, it can have up to 17 hours of video playback, up to 13 hours of online video streaming and up to 55 hours of music playback. These numbers are all higher than what was announced for the iPhone SE 3; Although the iPhone SE 2022 uses the same chip as the iPhone 13 series, it is larger than the iPhone 13 mini and does not support mmWave 5G internet, which consumes a lot of battery. It should be noted that Apple used exactly the same dimensions as the second generation iPhone SE for the new version, and maybe if it decided to increase its thickness, it could fit a larger battery in its body and improve battery life even more.

While the battery life of iPhone SE 2 compared to Apple’s iPhone 8 was no different, the third generation iPhone SE has seen good progress; So, if you are a user of one of the two Apple phones with the same design, buying the third generation can be promising. To charge the battery of the SE 3, like the previous generation, you can use a 20-watt adapter, which will fill about 50% of the phone’s battery with half an hour of charging.

iPhone SE 2022 supports 5G type sub-6GHz, A15 bionic chip, a price equivalent to $430 and comes with the same battery life as Apple’s iPhone 12 mini, which still has a shorter battery life than the iPhone 13 family. Are these improvements so impressive that users want to buy this phone? How do you evaluate the new price of the phone compared to its specifications and competitors? You say.

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